Being Human – a Festival of the Humanities

I am delighted to be working with the University of Cambridge Library once more to be part of the annual Being Human Festival. Our event, When Lost Becomes Found will be taking place on Saturday 25 November 2017 from 2-4pm.

“In the 19th century Cambridge scientists setting up museums relied on serendipity to acquire specimens. One of the greatest ‘found objects’ was a whale that washed up on Pevensey Bay, Sussex, in 1865. Today, artist Jo Atherton works with objects gathered on the UK coastline. In this talk Jo will discuss the nature of lost and found objects with historian Boris Jardine. They will reflect on the moment of discovery, explore when lost becomes found, and examine the very human desire to collect. You can also view an exhibition of found objects from Cambridge University Library and Jo’s collection.”

Download the event posterBeing Human - When Lost becomes Found poster

Being Human – When Lost becomes Found poster