Fifty Things

Fifty Things is an anthology of objects collected on the UK coastline.  The essence of this writing project is to explore memories and ideology through our material culture. Do visit my blog, to journey through my collection of tideline finds.


The beach is a transient environment which has mesmerised me for much of my life, and in particular, this temporary resting place of the lost, discarded and forgotten offers an inexhaustible supply of stories and wonder; a seam of innocuous remnants revealing much about daily life. A rich narrative is being written along our shores every day, betraying our tastes, beliefs, fashions and culture.

How will our stories be told generations from now, and which objects best represent what it means to be living in the Twenty First Century?  How will the most unexpected remnants of our time allow people to understand the spirit of our age? My selection of fifty things found on the UK coastline will address these questions.